How China Invaded Tibet

China Invaded Tibet Full Story

In 10th March 1959. The Chinese government invited Dalai Lama to attend a special Chinese theatre performance. But their invitation was accompanied by a strange demand. They asked the Dalai Lama to attend the performance but without their bodyguard’s. This alarmed the people of Tibet. People wondered if the Chinese government was trying to kidnap the Dalai Lama or to arrest him or even may be, assassinate him?

The thing was, some days before this the Chinese government had sent their solders to Tibet’s capital Lhasa. The city was surrounded by Chinese military by then. The Dalai Lama lived in this city.

This beautiful place was his residence. The Potala PLace.

As soon as the followers of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetian citizens found out about this invitation there was a big uprising. People came out to their homes and surrounded the place. They were willing to protect their leader at all costs. Tension were rising. The communication between Chinese authorities and the government led by Dalai Lama was broken. The Threat had progressed to such levels that there was no reasonable chance of the Dalai Lama’s escape. During this, about 7 days later, ion 17 march 1959, Dalai Lama went undercover. He put on a disguise and escaped the place. And just like that, the Chinese army invaded and took control of this once-sovereign country.

This is the story of a sovereign Tibet that existed once upon a time. A great country was occupied by China.

How did this happen? Come, let’s try to understand this in blog.

If we look at the history, there was 3 provinces in Tibet.

  1. U-Tsang
  2. Amdo
  3. Kham

Put the picture of above 3 places?

The combined area of these provinces happened to be huge. Almost 2.5 million km square. Archaeological evidence shows us that human had been living in the eastern Tibetian areas for 4000-5000 years.The Tibetian civilization is actually very old. But this area was unified around the 7th century AD, by the Yarlung Dynasty. This was done by Namri Songtsen, and his son Songtsen Gampo credited as the founder of the Tibetian Empire. During this era, border disputes between China (The Kingdom in the China) and Tibet (Kingdom in Tibet) began. But in the year 821, a formal peace treaty was signed to clearly define the boarders and to ensure that Tibetians remains heppy in the Tibet and Chinese remains happy in the china. This was an important in Tibetan history because during this time, Buddhism enterd in the Tibet. King Gampo had tow Buddhist wives, one from nepal (Bhrikuti) and another from china(Princeess WENCHENG). But there was a strong push among the Tibetans when king Trisong Detson aseended to the throne (755AD- 797AD). An indian teacher is credited here (PADMASAMBHAVA). He was invited from india to Tibet. Tibetan Buddhism began mainly due to him. Today, he is known as Guru Rinpoche by Tibetans. (3.54)

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